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Animate with Cartoon Network 

Kids don't have to wait to get their dream job

Julia Pott

Julia Pott

In this JAM online course, kids can write, direct, & produce their own animated short with help of Adventure Time writer and professional animator Julia Pott.

The course is FREE for ages 8-14 who register before August 31, 2016. Kids who complete their final animation by August 31st, 2016 have an opportunity to be shown on Cartoon Network’s platforms. 


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Kids 8-14: Learn #animation with @AdventureTime’s @JuliaPott. @CartoonNetwork may share your animation! 🙀 🙀 🙀
Learn to animate with @AdventureTime’s @JuliaPott in a FREE online course for kids 8-14! 🎉
🔥 🔥 🔥 + freeeeeee til 8/31/16: Our online animation course for ages 8-14 with @AdventureTime writer @JuliaPott. 📲
Ages 8-14: Join our free animation course & get your work featured by @CartoonNetwork! ✏️💡🚀
Animators of the future: The future is now! ✏️💡🚀
Kids 8-14: Join our FREE online #animation course! Your work may be picked for sharing by @CartoonNetwork! 👏👉



Christina Miller, President, Cartoon Network: “Cartoon Network continues to explore opportunities at the intersection of art and technology, we are committed to helping kids learn new skills in a way that is fun, relevant and will impact their futures. JAM is the ideal platform for kids to do that kind of creative, courageous learning. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with them to offer our ‘Become an Animator.”

Zach Klein, CEO, JAM: “Creativity is a valuable skill that kids must learn to keep for their entire lives, not only because it's fun, but because it prepares them for jobs that don't exist yet. We’re still pinching ourselves that Cartoon Network stepped up to help kids learn what it takes to become a professional animator. More kids will know that’s possible to make a living by being creative.”

A few more details...

Guided by mentor and Adventure Time writer Julia Pott, this course provides kids with a series of 16 “quests” that highlight each part of the animation process. Three of the best animations submitted by August 31st will be shown on the Cartoon Network platform. Requirements for consideration:

  • It needs to be five minutes or less.
  • It must be 29.97 frames per second, and should be 1920x1080px
  • All characters, images, and music must be original or outside of copyright to be considered.
  • All entries for the final animation (Quest 16) must be received by midnight PST on August 31, 2016.

The top 25 entries will be notified by Wednesday September 7th. The top 3 finalists will have clips of their animation shown on Cartoon Network’s digital platform.

JAM courses are safe and convenient. 
We have a proven record of creating online learning experiences that are safe and inspiring for kids. We do this because safety and privacy are paramount, but also because we know that learning and creativity can't happen unless everyone feels fearless to be themselves. Kids have access to their course for an entire year so they can work at their own pace whenever it is convenient for them.